Alumni Success Stories This is what are alumni are up to

Making a leader of Joshua Eyaru

In the meteorological Summer of 2015, Joshua Eyaru joined a group of twelve young men and women to undertake the postgraduate certificate in applied ICTs and Leadership at IHSU. The journey of big laughs, major career strides and long hours of personal growth. When you walked into the playfully beautiful room, one student, notably quiet, keeping to himself silently stood out. This which meant that his potential could very easily evade one who was not keen to seek his opinion. This room not being the first class he had sat in, we explored what exactly he fancied, expertise and next steps for him.

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The footsteps of an IHSU Alumunus in the Horn of Africa

In 2008, while working in the remote Cambodian Northern Province of Preah Vihear, I read an online article in one of the Ugandan dailies on a new university- International Health Sciences University (IHSU) which had opened its gates and was using among others an innovative approach of the remote learning to deliver health science education in Uganda.

It was an ‘AHA’ moment for me because I had always been on a lookout for an institution that was affordable, accessible and would offer a convenient MSc. Public Health programme. I was determined that upon return to Uganda, I would enroll in to the MPH programme and fulfill my dream of more than 4 years.

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IHSU Alumni Connect Trace

We encourage every graduate to remain connected to the IHSU family through a wider network of the alumni professional community.  Through this community, graduates can network, share with their peers their experiences, job opportunities, news, and success strategies.

We recently asked some alumni, “How has your degree contributed to your area of work and the community”?

  • “With the background from Public Health, together with my other colleagues we founded a not for profit youth led organization that addresses issues of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) among young people called Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU). PHAU is empowering young people in communities on issues of SRH through innovative and creative approaches such as the edutainment-informative performance arts. PHAU is currently working on a one year project aimed to reducing HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination among women and girls in wakiso and Kampala. Visit our Website”.

    Segawa Patrick
  • “It has opened the gates for community entrance and I was appointed as a community's representative by the Asst. Commissioner Vector borne diseases to advocate for all ethical matters concerning a research protocol on vector borne diseases (VCD-REC) in Uganda for a period of 3 years. My appointment was based on the MPH I obtained from IHSU in addition to my background in medical parasitology and entomology. Secondary the center engaged me in support supervision of districts in areas of M&E, and periodic surveys.”

    Ssemwanga Edward Bamulanzeki
  • “"I got an opportunity of securing a post as an assistant Quality Assurance Officer at IHSU. It gave me divergent thinking in management within the Health care sector…since Q A at IHSU entails both staff and students, the skills earned from BBA (HM) have aided these tasks."

    Githinji Florence
  • “It has tremendously contributed to my area of work in the sense that 95% of the research work I do is centered on Public Health. The course units at that time, most especially research methods, understanding public health, nutrition and Uganda's health systems provided me with fundamental principles in conducting public health research and shaping the quality of community interventions in under-resourced settings.”

    Nagaddya Teddy
  • “Am now a District Laboratory Supervisor. Improved leadership in the laboratory sector”.

    BMLS - 2014
  • “I have a good command of the nursing content and are able to deliver my teaching with much confidence than before.”

    Nshimye N.Edith
  • "Improved performance and confidence at work place; Enhanced interpretation of health related issues and the ability to explain; Improved scholarly writing in Annual Reports, and Magazines; Ability to guide the intern students to confidently write their reports and research proposals; I have integrated the theories learned into real work; Ability to argue out issues basing on facts; Improved self-expression; and relating knowledge acquired into problem solving."

    Mireego Eddie
  • “I am making a difference in the health care through the consultations that I make with my patients. They are gaining a lot from the knowledge that I received while still at school”.

    Namyeso Irene
  • Every module was exciting and revealing because it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my experience if implementing community health and development projects in Uganda and Cambodia.IHSU provided me with context appropriate training backed with an emphasis on professionalism.I affirm that IHSU education is making a difference to health care not just in Uganda but even in Somaliland.

    Thomas Okedi - MPH Graduate
  • The teaching style which consisted of the e-learning modules and assignments and a day release contact session per week with the tutors with emphasis on self learning and other forms of teaching like role play, video consultations and OSCE’S in the examinations were all new to me. Lectures in the traditional sense were not as common for my program.

    Dr Ndahura Duncan - Msc. Family Medicine Graduate

    Alumni Awards and Recognition

    Our alumni are not just satisfied with the status quo.  Many are moving on to secure advanced training and others have been fittingly recognized for their outstanding contributions in their organizations.  Here is a snapshot of some rewards and recognitions:

    • “I have been selected to be part of the Women Deliver Young Leaders Programme that provides a platform to harness the untapped potential and passion of young leaders. Women Deliver work to develop the skills of young advocates in developing countries through our workshops, online learning communities, scholarships to key events, and high-level networking opportunities.” Bsc Public Health - 2014
    • “I won a commonwealth scholarship for a Masters program in Gerontology (UK) to which my undergraduate program of study contributed tremendously.”Bsc Public Health - 2011
    • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship(Doctoral Studies)Bsc Public Health - 2011
    • Youbridge Award for ambassadorship in UgandaBsc Public Health - 2012
    • One time Nurse of the month, Runner up Nurse of the yearBsc Nursing - 2013

      Profile of IHSU Graduates

      IHSU graduates are better suited and prepared for their chosen fields. Our graduates are:

      • Lifelong learners
      • Quality Assurance Managers
      • Public Health Ambassadors
      • Competent professionals with documented hand’s-on experience
      • Highly qualified Senior Staff Nurses, Heads of Departments, Chief Nursing Officers, Clinical Officers, Public Health Specialists, District Officers, and Health Center Managers etc.
      • Doctoral Candidates
      • Clinical Researchers
      • Thought leaders and Change agents with notable recognitions
      • Executive Directors
      • Employed in diverse professional fields in various sectors Uganda and around the world
      • Independent practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners